Tube Axial Fan Manufacturers in India

Tube Axial Fan Manufacturers in India

We’re the Best Tube Axial Fan manufacturer in India. Our tubular axial fans are designed for industrial/man-cooling purposes and supply clear air in industrial usage. We offer Axial Fans for manufacturers in India. The tubular axial fan is an excellent choice for localized cooling and air circulation. Its axial fan design enables it to be used on the floor as a free-standing unit, or to be rotated in its base and mounted on the wall. The tubular axial fan features an airfoil propeller, propeller and motor side safety guards, and heavy-duty tubular construction. The biggest difference between an axial flow fan and centrifugal fans and blowers is the way they move air. An axial flow fan uses a propeller to draw air in and then expel it in the direction it came from (axially). Centrifugal blowers, on the other hand, use one of seven types of wheels to draw air into the inlet side of the blower housing. Tube Axial Fan Suppliers & Exporter in Nepal, Tube Axial Fan Suppliers & Exporter in UAE, Tube Axial Fan Suppliers & Exporter in Nigeria, Tube Axial Fan Suppliers & Exporter in Bangladesh.

Tube Axial Fan Suppliers & Exporter in UAE

The axial fan is a type of compressor that takes in air and increases its pressure of it before releasing it. The blades on the axial fan are designed to force all the air to move in the same direction as the shaft on which the blades are rotating. The key to designing an effective axial fan lies in the design of the propeller. The propeller generates a pressure difference that creates the suction force needed to maintain airflow across the fan at all times. The main factors to consider when designing the propeller are the number of blades and the design of each individual blade. Air Cooling Unit Manufacturers in India.





Fan size- 315 MM to 1600 MM
Flow rates – Up to 150000 CMH
Pressure – Up to 1500 Pa


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