Jet Axial Fan

Jet Axial Fan

Introduction Of Jet Fan

One of the special challenges here are underground and multi-storey car parks. Car Parks, mostly closed, therefore not suited for (assisted) natural ventilation. Using Impulse fans (Jet Fans) eliminates the use of ducted systems. Planning such systems with Jet Fan and supply and exhaust shaft locations is imperative where, due to the exhaust gases, the air is severely contaminated with carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). Depending on the concentration and the length of time spent in the car park, this is a great danger for the users.

Therefore, the polluted air needs to be extracted quickly and safely. However, the duct systems which are often used for this take-up a lot of space and often cross other services such as electrical or water lines. This is reflected in the investment and installation costs. Luckily there is now an intelligent alternative. TA-JF series fans from Teral-Aerotech.

Designing Jet Fans Impeller

Jet Axial Fan

Impeller will play the most signification role while making any type of fans. Analysis of jet fan Impeller will be the biggest issues for the Teral-Aertech team because of very limited resource also we don’t have any In-house testing facility.

Thrust and Airflow Analysis

The two main parameter of jet fan is Airflow and thrust. Some advance software is needed to analysis these parameter and we are not very familiar with software. Testing of thrust will be the most critical issue for Teral-Aerotech

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