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Today’s connected consumer demands a great experience throughout the entire purchase journey – and that includes the after-sales service. In the short term that means brands need to get the basics right and provide an easy-to-use way to resolve customer issues and problems that arise after purchase

At Teral-Aerotech service does not end at the sale of the equipment. It’s the beginning of a long-term partnership. Teral-Aerotech offers you a full range of services from c delivery to the commissioning . Quality spare and wear parts to customized tailored preventive maintenance programs and equipment upgrading. The benefits for client /user to get maximum equipment efficiency at lower operating costs.


After Sales services include the following:

Commissioning and Field Service : Today, presence “on the spot” is an absolute “must”. Therefore, we have set up service support centers on all continents. From there, well-trained commissioning and service engineers support you swiftly and competently Installation involves the placement and/or setup of a fully assembled piece of equipment for use or service.We provide the full installation & testing services to our client.

Performance Check : Shortly after the installation, our engineers revisit the already set up fan to check on its actual performance. This is done to ensure that the fan is working up to its potential and is fulfilling the function it was designed to do so.

Corrective Action : We always available to provide customer support. Our able engineers cater to the rest of the world and rush to any site within the Indian Sub-continent, Middle-East or South East Asia. With our turnaround time clocking at 7 business days, we ensure that the consultant visits our fan within one week since the notification of the problem.

Preventive Maintenance : Knowing beforehand that service will be needed allows you to schedule downtime and save money with before-failure repairs. Repairs or retrofits can be accurately anticipated allowing for the downtime to be at the most convenient times and at the lowest possible costs

Retrofits : Aged and worn equipment? Capacity improvement needed? Too high operating costs? TAF “just as new” retrofits are economical and tailormade solutions for improving your existing equipment at reasonable costs Upgrading your system is always beneficial for you as you will get our latest improvements at a low cost and with full warranty

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