Cyclone Dust Collector

Cyclone Dust Collector

Teral-aerotech cyclone dust collector remove up to 90% of the dust before it ever reaches the filter in your filtered dust collectors. Incorporating the Cyclone into your vacuum line greatly reduces the filter maintenance frequency, and filter replacement frequency of our DC1, DC2, or DC3 Dust Collector.

The Cyclone Dust Collector uses the nature of physics to remove dust particles from your line. The Cyclone dust collector of the air inside the carbon steel cyclone drops the dust particles into the dust collection canister. No power or compressed air are required. Our cyclone dust services consist of periodic emptying of the dust canister. Dirty air enters the Cyclone tangentially and centrifugal force moves the particulate against the cone wall, out of the air stream, to a storage unit. Clean air exhausts out of the Cyclone. Choose a Cyclone when collecting large particulate—use as a stand-alone collector or as a per-filter to reduce the dirt loading on higher efficiency filter systems.

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