Mechanical Dust Collector

Mechanical Dust Collector

Mechanical dust collector is designed for reliable services with minimum maintenance. Mechanical dust collector are simplest economically designs having wide range of applications. The operating principle of the AIR dust Collector is cyclonic action. Dust laden air / gas enters top of the precipitating cells at inlet ramps which directs the gas into a spiral flow. Centrifugal force causes the dust to separate from the gas.

The dust is forced against the wall of cells into closed hopper. The cleaned gas is pushed through outer tube placed at the top of precipitating cells. Mechanical dust collector has no moving parts. It is comprised of numbers of cells of suitable diameter depending on the desired efficiency and the application requirements.

Mechanical Dust Collector Bag Filter is used in diverse dust collection applications. Mechanical Dust Collector is designed with mechanical shaking bag filters are generally used for removing dust in industrial applications. Mechanical Dust Collector is made using premium quality raw material which ensures optimum durability along with long lasting trouble free service. Mechanical dust collector with mechanical dust collector is application specific in design and accurate in dimension. Unit Dust Collector with Mechanical dust collector has the following features.

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